Thursday, December 12th, 2024

Abdominal Imaging: Genitourinary Day 
What You Need to Know in Clinical Practice                                 Ballroom A 

7:00 AM Breakfast 

7:25 AM Welcome and Morning Announcements                                            Fishman 

7:30 AM Whole Body Trauma CT: Where Are We Now?                                   Bernstein  

8:05 AM Imaging of Acute Pelvic Pain: Case-based Approach                       Chu 

8:40 AM Acute GU Conditions: Case-based Approach                                      Harisinghani 

9:15 AM Renal Infection Thru Infarction: What You Need to Know                 Fishman 

9:30 AM Questions and Answers                                                                          Faculty 

9:50 AM Break and Visit Exhibits 

10:10 AM Imaging of Hematuria: Case-based Approach                                  Chu 

10:40 AM Malignant Renal Masses: Key Pointers to Know                              Harisinghani 

11:10 AM Renal Tumors Beyond Renal Cell Carcinoma: Pearls,
                  Pitfalls and Key Diagnostic                                                                 Fishman 

11:40 AM CT and MRI Contrast Controversies                                                   Chu 

12:10 PM Questions and Answers                                                                       Faculty 

12:30 PM Morning Session Adjourns 

1:45 PM CT of the Incidental Adrenal Mass: How We Manage It in 2024      Fishman 

2:15 PM Primer on PIRADS 2.1 for Prostate Cancer:
                Pearls and Pointers                                                                               Harisinghani 

2:45 PM US and MRI ORADS: What You Need to Know                                   Chu 

3:15 PM CT of the Large Adrenal Mass: How We Manage These
                Challenging Patients                                                                              Fishman 

3:45 PM Questions and Answers                                                                        Faculty 

4:05 PM Adjourn for the Day 


Please Bring Your Smartphone to Class Each Day                     Program Details May Change