Dedicated Breast Imaging Program

Symposium Details
• Mammography credits fulfill the breast imaging credits applicable to the MQSA accreditation requirements
• Single-day registrations for breast workshops may be available closer to the date of the symposium. Please inquire at or call (888)-207-9105 M-F, 8:30 am-5pm EST
• Attending breast program lectures does not preclude you from attending any other sessions or lectures. Please remember to scan into the breast lectures if you specifically need Breast Imaging CME credits
• Workshops are free to full-course registrants. When registering for workshops online, use code NDISFREE2024 to apply the free discount

Breast Imaging Program Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

• Improve overall diagnostic accuracy in breast imaging
• Learn strategies to improve your technique in performing DBT biopsies
• Attend interactive case reading sessions of subtle breast cancers seen on mammography
• Be introduced to the new 2023 BI-RADS manual, lexicons and changes for MRI, ultrasound and mammography
• Update your fund of knowledge regarding high-risk breast lesions and new consensus strategies for how to manage them
• Receive an update on contrast-enhanced mammography – including indications, clinical utility and research study results
• Understand the role of the radiologist in the overall care of a patient with a breast problem
• Review the arguments for screening ultrasound in dense-breasted patients, and how to implement a successful ABUS program
• Understand the advances of newer breast imaging techniques and technologies, especially as they relate to advanced breast MRI