5-Day Diagnostic Radiology Program
40 World-Class Faculty Giving 110+ Lectures

· Diagnostic Radiology focus- True state-of-the-art program covering the essential, practical, and timely topics in all major subspecialties for diagnostic radiologists in clinical practice

· New 5-Day Emergency Radiology track for those who provide radiology services in emergency departments and other critical care locations

· Dedicated 5-Day Breast Imaging program with Breast MRI, Breast Imaging and Advanced Topics in Breast, plus choice of three free workshops available to full course registrants

· Non-interpretive session covering a variety of topics such as radiologist productivity and RVUs, how to deal with the problem radiologist, and artificial intelligence

· Full conference registrants are free to choose which lectures to attend and move between Ballrooms A, B and C as they wish at any time during the symposium

Complete 5 Day Program

Sunday - Breakfast and Registration at 7:00 AM

Sunday  - Thoracic Radiology Ballroom A

Sunday - Musculoskeletal Imaging Ballroom B

Monday -  Abdominal Imaging - Gastrointestinal Imaging Ballroom A

Monday - Nuclear Medicine - Ballroom B

Tuesday - Cardiovascular Imaging Ballroom A (AM) 
                  Hot Topics in Non-interpretive Ballroom A (PM)

Tuesday -  Pediatric Emergency Radiology Ballroom b

Wednesday -  Neuroradiology Ballroom A

Thursday  - Abdominal Imaging Genitourinary Ballroom A

5 Day Breast Imaging Track

Sunday - Breakfast and Registration at 7:00 AM

Sunday -  Breast Imaging Ballroom C

Monday - Breast MRI Ballroom C

Tuesday - Advanced Topics in Breast Imaging Ballroom C (AM)

Tuesday - Better Diagnosis with OA and AI - Non CME Ballroom C (PM)

Wednesday  - Multimodality Approach to Breast Imaging - Classroom D (AM)


Wednesday - Advancements in Breast Imaging Day 1

Thursday - Advancements in Breast Imaging Day 2