National Diagnostic Imaging Symposium Attendees:

“I’ve been here 3 times since 2017 and I enjoy the quality of lectures great speakers and have a lot of fun with my family in the resort and theme parks.
– Dr. Annie Bernard

 “NDIS is the best all-around radiology course I’ve attended, thanks!”
- Claude Boudrias, MD


A few words from our National Diagnostic Imaging Faculty

“As a long-time faculty member of NDIS, it is an honor to serve on a panel with Radiology experts, as well as have the opportunity to converse with an amazing and motivated group of course attendees. There is no meeting with closer faculty-attendee interaction.”  
- Elliott K. Fishman, MD
“Superbly run meeting, all the necessary behind-the-scenes details are perfectly taken care of. There is no “hassle factor.” It’s a pure learning and educational environment.”  
-Thomas C. Winter III, MD

The Best of the Big Apple 2021

“Well organized and efficient staff. Timely subject matter. Top of the line presenters.”
-Robert E. Bledsue (Please double check last name spelling)
“I am a frequent flyer in the meetings of World Class CME – Always are excellent. The places are very up too.”
- Graciela Ruiz, MD

Survival Skills for Today's Gynecologist 

“This has been great overall, yet concise. Review on important topics in general gynecology faculty has been engaging!”
- Kelli M. Kilgore


“The GYN Survival Skills course has always provided valuable information -current and up to date. The cumulative wisdom of the speakers has afforded returning to my medical practice with significant new tools and pearls.”
- Dianne D. Holmer, MD


Maternal-Fetal Imaging

“I really enjoyed all the great info provided. Many pearls and additional information I can take back to our MFM practice. I have often struggled to see an image suggestive of TAPVR, however now I feel confident in knowing what I need to look for as I scan. Thank you.”
-Isabel A. Ornelas
“I love the scope of this course! Whether you are general OB/GYN just starting or MPM with years of experience, there is something you can take away from to start implementing in your practice immediately.”
- Leslie Alvarez


Fetal & Women’s Imaging  attendees:


“This was a great conference! All speakers were very knowledgeable and very approachable. Would recommend this conference to any sonographer performing OB.”  
- Ann Wetjen, RDMS

What our Fetal & Women’s Imaging Faculty are saying:


“We are excited to bring another year of Fetal and Women’s Imaging Advanced OB-GYN Ultrasound. The program is designed to strengthen your imaging foundation while keeping you informed of all the latest advancements. Our speakers include an amazing sonographer educator and ultrasound experts from maternal fetal medicine, radiology and cardiology. There will be special concentration on first trimester imaging, including the new ALUM guidelines. In addition to in-depth coverage of various fetal organ systems. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive lineup of cardiac imaging, including image optimization, screening, abnormalities and a discussion of fetal arrhythmias. Our gynecology program is extensive and includes evaluation of the endometrium, myometrium and adnexa (including 3D uterine evaluation) as well as imaging of the postpardum uterus, vaginal cysts and masses, and an update on PCOS. We know you’ll enjoy our all-star lineup, engaging faculty and beautiful Seattle.”
-Leah Lamale-Smith and Dolores Pretorius