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Our courses have informative gynecologic sections with outstanding faculty who discuss the latest SRU Consensus on First Trimester Lexicon, evaluation of abnormal bleeding in the postmenopausal patient and the sonographic approach to the most common adnexal masses. There will be a special “tips” session on diagnosing Ovarian/adnexal torsion and another on the critical role of 3D ultrasound in gynecology. The challenging topic of evaluating the patient with chronic pelvic pain will also be covered.

In obstetrics, all conditions from ectopic pregnancy to placenta accrete spectrum to post-partum bleeding will be presented and heavily illustrated. There will be a special focus on the anatomic assessment at 11-14 weeks and a full session on the fetal heart. The various organ systems of the fetus will be covered with a special focus on genetics and the role of advanced imaging of the fetal face and brain.