We take our evaluation surveys seriously. They are the way to best measure how medical professionals want CME. World Class CME surveys all attendees each day of a course, as well as general surveys, to help accurately evaluate all areas of the education provided.

Our real time response technology helps World Class CME make timely changes, providing for the best possible education for all attendees.

Here are some unsolicited comments we take pride in...

“This conference focused on fetal issues which I see in the MFM office on ultrasound. Some I had not seen!” - OB GYN Physician

"Well organized talks-great audio- visual organization." - Breast Specialist

"Cutting edge academic information." - Tomosynthesis Attendee

"Up to date information. Lots of helpful clinical info." - Radiologist


“World Class CME has truly helped me stay on top of my continuing ed. The staff, the process, and the course substance is all top notch.”